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Canada x reader: anger management
Canada x reader: anger management
Tonight you were going to Alfred's house for a party that you have been look forward to all week. You had spent most of the day cleaning yourself up and preparing for this night. You had decided to wear skinny jeans, a solid (f/c) t-shirt, and some flats with a little bows on the tongue. And like that you were off to Alfred's!
The clock red 9:00pm in your car as you pulled up in front. You could already hear the noise from inside and that meant noise complaints you thought, but didn't care. You get out of your car and walk up to the front step. You don't bother to knock and you let yourself in. You were immediately bombarded with loud laughter and music. This hurts your ears, but you didn't care about this either. It's been forever since you have seen Alfred, Matthew, or the rest of them because they were having meetings upon meetings for the last few months. You greet all your friends with hugs. Yes, you even hugged Francis quickly, just for the heck
:iconrumblingwizard9:RumblingWizard9 354 459
Holiday Treat [Norway x Reader]
"You didn't." Violet eyes looked disdainfully at the Dane before him, glaring at the pitiful mess he had become. Of all things to do on Christmas Eve, of all days!
"I didn't." Mathias repeated, looking lazily up at the voice. Gosh, why did Norge have to be so loud? He still didn't know what he did (or didn't) do. Why did Norge have to be so confusing? His head hurt too much.
"You. Spiked. The. Eggnog." Norway practically spat out every word. Who spikes eggnogg!? The practice was apparently more common then he had realized, but still- why must that stupid Dane ruin every day with alcohol?
[Name] was here today too, making Norway more tense than usual. He didn't want to scare her away, especially not on such a festive holiday.
"Oh....that." Denmark replied lamely, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. Earlier today, Finland had set out a bowl of treats for them to snack on later, eggnog included. Mathias was thinking...well, some of us Nordics have been a little too uptight lately
:iconeverybodyswishes:everybodyswishes 826 158
Mature content
Norway x Reader: Lemon :iconjapanxcanadaforever:japanxcanadaforever 229 176
ANSWER [NorwayXReader]
In my mind the memories turn slowly, moments when I thought of you only
though our time has passed and gone, the world keeps moving on.
In the city we walked together, promises that we'd keep forever
they seem so distant now, but warm me still somehow when I see

If you love someone, you should let her go
Those were the last words your ex-boyfriend, Lukas  Bondevik said in front of you and his Nordic friends. You couldn't believe what he said but that was all in the past. You cried your heart out after your big break up and now you're alright when you see him again.
Most things in your home reminded you of him. Even the clip you would always wear. It was his present to you on your birthday but that one wrong move destroyed it all. You couldn't be friends with him, he cut all the ties betweeen you two.
The little clock that we shared is moving on its own again
and each strikes independently.
And all of the sadness that held me to the bitter end
it fades
:iconawezomeone:AwezomeOne 61 5
A Promise You'll Never Break [NorwayXReader]
A Promise You'll Never Break
You were such a darling little girl. You played with everyone and never wanted any enemies out of them. You were even friends with a certain Norwegian who always seemed so... emotionless
"Hey, Lukas!" You smiled at him so childishly.
"What?" He raised his head and looked at you with those navy blue soulless eyes.
"Let's make a promise to each other." You stuck out your left pinkie and motioned him to do the same.
"And what promise is that?"
"Whatever happens, we'll be friends, even if a thousand years pass by."
"That's childish. You do know you can never survive a thousand years."
"Trust me," You grinned at him and he sighed in defeat and did the pinkie promise.
That was about 10 years ago. Lukas lightly touched the stairs' rails as he went up to his room. He doesn't want to be bothered by a certain Dane and he wanted some peace and quiet.
He lightly touched his cross clip as he stared to the ceiling. He wondered where did you disappear to. You hav
:iconawezomeone:AwezomeOne 91 11
Navy [Norway X Reader]
You were by the beach, taking pictures of the scenery during the sunset. There were a few people in the same beach but they were miles away from you so you won't get disturbed at all. "What're you doing there?" You turned to see a familiar blonde police in his navy suit. He didn't look warm but rather cold. Like his country. Like where he came from. But from what you heard, this guy had a warm heart. Yeah, right.
"I was taking pictures," you answered as you showed him your camera. Your eyes looked into his dull dark blue ones. "I'm a photographer after all, Lukas," the name was still foreign to your tongue. The Norwegian narrowed his eyes at you as if he was trying to find a fault into your existance. "Hm, alright," he nodded lightly as he turned his back on me. "Don't get yourself hurt, the idiot would get overly worried," he started walking away from me. The wind blew his hair lightly and his uniform too and he looked kind of cool. Which you will never admit to the navy police.
:iconawezomeone:AwezomeOne 15 2
Norway x Reader -Holiday Party-
You blow out a deep sigh as the elevator doors slide shut. Work was exhausting and you were definitely looking forward to around three months from now when the holiday hype ended.  Your short elevator ride stops with a ding and you step onto your floor.
Lukas had asked you to come early to the Christmas Eve party he was having and you wanted to actually be early. With the snow falling it seemed everyone’s driving skills took a dump and it took you twice as long to get home as it normally did.  You just had to quick stop at your apartment though to pick up your present for Lukas and change out of your uniform into one of your dorky holiday sweaters and some black skinny jeans. Once you’re finished you slide your keys into your pocket and leave. You walk the short distance to your neighbors home and knock on his door.
"Hello ____." Lukas says with a smile after he opens the door. He waves you in and tells you where to put your shoes. "Thank you for coming early. I t
:iconshiverwolf1019:Shiverwolf1019 30 6
Norway x Reader | Blizzard Nights
It was cold.
I squirmed beneath my blanket, curling my frozen toes and breathing life into my fingers. The storm was making a racket outside, scraping branches against the windows and moaning like vengeful ghosts down the street. Great plumes of snow whipped and pirouetted in a vehement dance, blockading everyone inside their homes and blurring night visibility to absolute zero. I blindly reached for my phone on the coffee table and immediately retracted my hand back under the covers. The screen flickered on and I cringed at the bright light. It was two in the morning. The blizzard had been raging for about six or seven hours now and didn’t seem to have exhausted itself yet.
I tugged the blanket all the way up to my ears and stuffed my hands under the pillow. Maybe I should have listened to Lukas when he said the heater was far better in his bedroom than his living room. Despite checking weather reports, an unexpected influx of snowfall and tempest winds interrupted our ev
:iconthecommonmyna:TheCommonMyna 53 22
Hetalia:Pirate!England x Sick!Reader:His Arrogance
On your hands and knees you swabbed the deck, feeling quite dizzy, but cleaned the wooden planks of the grand ship nonetheless.
Throwing the dirtied cloth into the bucket of water, you grumbled in annoyance. It may have been the lack of sleep or fighting in gruelling wet weather a few days ago, but what you knew for certain was that you didn't feel well.
You coughed, your throat was dry. You weren't in the mood for rum, and it will be a while until the ship stops at the nearest port so there were no battles to prepare for yet.
For now, all you could do was to do your regular chores on the ship.
The night watch crew were still on duty, though they seemed pretty tired too. Maybe you should have stayed in bed for longer, for the sun has not even risen yet.
However, you knew that even if you tried to go back to sleep you couldn't. A coughing fit would always wake you and you felt sorry for the crew members having to hear it too.
Sighing, you continued to work lifelessly, a nagging pai
:iconsugaranimekitty99:SugarAnimeKitty99 264 34
Hetalia: Norway x Reader: Valentine Macarons
"You're going to be late home?" You asked through the phone, doing your best to hide your disappointment.
"Yeah..." Lukas' calm voice mumbled softly through the phone in reply, "I'm sorry..."
"No, no! Don't worry about it!" You chuckled slightly to yourself, trying to sound enthusiastic in spite of yourself, "I'll be waiting for you when you get home!"
"Thank you [Name]." You heard him breathe a sigh of relief, "I will make it back as quick as I can. Bye..."
"I hope you have a successful meeting, Lukas! Bye!" You turned the phone off and slouched on the couch you were sitting on. 
It was Valentine's Day. A day where two people, madly in love, would spend together and enjoy each other's company. 
However- this was a Valentine's Day which Lukas couldn't spend with you due to a World Meeting in France.
Lukas was the representative of Norway and, of course, had to go. Much to your displeasure. 
You grabbed a pillow and squeezed it in a tight embrace- whining about how you wo
:iconsugaranimekitty99:SugarAnimeKitty99 61 28
Norway x Reader - Unspoken Feelings
One does not need to speak to express themselves. As a matter of fact, words only represent 7 percents of what we communicate to others, while the tone of our voice constitutes 38 other percents. Idioms are thus useless and deceitful - eloquence could fool anyone. On the other hand, our body language doesn't lie. So observe.
Your nose slightly wrinkled in annoyance, you were watching your co-workers chat loudly, arguing about the last project your employer had given them. You had learned to appreciate silence, since Lukas had become your partner, a month ago. Your team was now known as the most efficient of the whole company. However, the quiet Norwegian remained a mystery to all. Some doubted he spoke English, some thought he was simply unsociable. In any case, everyone pointed out his lack of talking as a flaw. You personally didn't mind. He wasn't rude, nor troublesome. He kept his thoughts for him and him only. Granted.
Glancing at your watch, you decided to mosey to the sna
:iconhel-iron:Hel-Iron 169 34
Drunk! Norway x Reader
Drunk! Norway x Reader : Complaints.
You lay on your sofa, a lot how a cat would lie.
You. Where. Bored.
Your friends, the Nordics, where all, strangely, going out to the bar.
Now, why strangely? Well..
1. Lukas isn't one for drinking alcohol.
2. Neither is Emil.
You where close to sleeping when your phone practically explode with vibrations.
"Cant be bothered.." You mumbled to yourself.
The vibrations continued the more you ignored it.
With a groan you slid your lock screen away and checked your texts.
tino: 23 messages
Berwald 2 messages
Berwald was going to be your first choice, less reading.
Berwald- hello, (y/n)
Berwald- answer Tino
"Really?" You asked your phone.
So you went to Tino's name.
The first messages consisted a lot of Finnish words, you never understood, then gradually went to english.
What did it say? Just that help was needed down at the bar.
No surprises there.
You finally found yourself at the bar doors, you pushed the oak doors open to see all hell break loose.
:icontechietapper:TechieTapper 208 50
Norway x Depressed!Reader
(y/n)—your name
(c/t)—car type
(f/c)—favorite color
(h/c)—hair color
(h/l)—hair length
(e/c)—eye color
Your name is (y/n). You were born in Nuuk, Greenland and you moved to Oslo, Norway when you were in elementary school.
You were always a bright girl, excelled in school, found a nice paying job, and had loving parents and friends. You weren't the lazy type but your asthma sometimes got in the way of your physical activities and such. It wasn't that bad, but when you can't breathe, it kind of sucks.
You're friends with the Nordics, or that's what they like to call themselves. You fit in perfectly since you're from Greenland, and they are also from different Nordic countries. You had met them in elementary school, and you all had become inseparable in a matter of days. They're like brothers to you. All except for one, the Norwegian. His name is Lukas Bondevik and you had fallen in love with him.
Although you had never been the dating type, no matter h
:iconsbhiens:sbhiens 111 43
Norway x Reader: Good Morning
You slowly cracked your eyes open as the morning sunlight flooded the room, and the slow breathing of your boyfriend, Lukas, who was still asleep. You glanced over to him and saw his peaceful, sleeping face. Usually he has his impenetrable poker face on, but while he slept you could only see pure bliss on his face. His mouth was slightly curled into a tiny smile, and his hair was in a mess without his hairpin. Yet, the way it fell around his cheeks looked far too adorable, and accompanied with his sweet personality.. you felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
Clenching his nightshirt, you snuggled deeper into his chest, taking in the sweet aroma of his cologne, and feeling the comforting, embracing warmth. He shifted a bit, and you held your breath, fearing he would be awoken from his slumber. Yet slowly but surely, he relaxed again, and you could hear the steady thump of his heart, and it made you feel safe and secure. Under piles of blankets and being snuggled in your boyfriend's
:iconkaalinka:kaalinka 167 46
Norway x Reader - Call Me Min Elskede
"Come on, call me min elskede."
I frantically shake my head, a blush present on my face, making me look like one of Antonio's tomatoes. 
"No! I won't, I won't, I won't."
Lukas slinks behind me, wrapping his lean arms around my torso bring me towards his lightly built chest. Leaning his head down so that it was right above my ear, he blew in it.
I shudder and duck my head down, going tense all over.
"You know you want to. "
He presses my lips against my ear, slowly kissing down until he reaches my neck. 
There he gently brushes his lips down it, earning a little gasp from me when he reached my soft spot.
He smirks and attacks that spot, at first just licking it, but then he starts sucking on it without mercy, his teeth gently graze the tender flesh.
Moaning, I bring my hands out to grip the fabric of his sleeve. 
Unlatching his mouth from my neck, he gently skims his soft lips upward, making way to my lips.
Reaching his destination, he just ghosts over my mouth, teas
:iconkittyphantomhive14:KittyPhantomhive14 273 44
(Bartender!Norway X Reader) Norwegian Rose
Glamour Night - Norway
Norwegian Rose sounds mighty tempting...
(Name) scanned the given card with concentration in her {E/C} eyes, as she gazed up towards a certain Norwegian bartender, who had his dark-blue irises set on her, waiting for her choice of cocktail.
"I choose Norwegian Rose." (Name) said, placing the card down onto the bar table.
"Ah, looks like Lukas will serve you tonight, (Name)." The Finnish bartender said, as he tended to some bottles of flavouring.
"You have good taste, min elskling." The Norwegian said, as the  bartender tossed the Norwegian a bottle of Whisky.
(Name) watched in utter curiousity, as the Norwegian began to balance the certain bottle of Whisky with a bottle of Rum, on both of his hands. (Name)'s {E/C} eyes widened, as she could see the Norwegian smirk a little.
"Like what you see, min kjære?" Lukas asked, in his well-known monotone voice.
(Name) blushed furiously,
:iconkhmewkairi:KHMewKairi 168 10

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